P.O.L.® CREAM Testimonials

P.O.L. CREAM – Dr. Lynette Inocente

Phospholipid replacement is an essential element in rebuilding and strengthening of skin. P.O.L. CREAM contain the lipids human skin needs to renew itself. These lipids are utilized by the body to rebuild the skin’s barrier function. Protect and renew the skin’s protective barrier function.

Andy Granatelli

“I found a product that really works; P.O.L. It works for bed sores, at least it did for me.”

Nancy, Registered Nurse on P.O.L. CREAM

“We’re very happy with P.O.L. We are recommending it to all our patients.”
Nancy talks about treating burning and itching with P.O.L. CREAM.

P.O.L. CREAM for treating itching and burning skin

Ted talks about treating burning and itching around his calves and ankles with P.O.L. CREAM.

Eczema relief with P.O.L. CREAM

Ken talks about his wife’s eczema and the relief P.O.L. CREAM offers from the symptoms.

Bill talks about P.O.L.

William, RN, talks about treating skin at risk with P.O.L. CREAM.

“I’ve been around all of it, all the creams and all the lotions that are prescription and non-prescription, and I think the P.O.L. has worked the quickest of any I’ve seen.”

Marcella’s Testimonial

Marcella, a registered nurse, recommends P.O.L. CREAM for her patients.

P.O.L. CREAM for Dry Skin, Contact Dermatitis and Post Radiation

Listen to these real life stories about P.O.L. CREAM. This product has super moisturizing capabilities, is wonderful for contact dermatitis and very effective for soothing the skin after radiation treatments.

Podiatrist recommends P.O.L. CREAM for Cracked Heels

Chronic cracking in the heels can be a portal for infection. P.O.L. CREAM works beautifully with thickened heels . . . it will soften them right up. I found P.O.L. to be the best product to protect their skin

I have experienced significant bruising and sometime bleeding from scrapes and cuts of my arms and to a lesser extent legs due to use of a needed blood thinner medication since 2006. About three years ago a friend of mine had a similar problem and recommended I try the Cooperlabs Cabot Cream that helped her skin condition. I have been using the Cabot Cream daily and it has helped me tremendously. Although I still get bruising from my blood thinner RX my skin has been softer and I have had a very significant reduction of bleeding from the thin skin. I hardly remember the last time I had to use a bandage or band aid since I started using the Cabot crème several years ago. I have been very pleased with this product and will continue using it in the future. It has been great for me.

G T G, Georgia

Just wanted to let you…know how much we like your cream! My wife and I both have been using it on our feet for several years, as a result our feet are as smooth and healthy as a baby’s bottom.

Robert L., CA

I searched for something to protect my fragile skin and discovered Cabot P.O.L. cream. I began applying it twice daily, and to my delight my skin felt better, less soreness and no skin issues!

Sharon W., NC

Thank you so much for your P.O.L. cream. It has made a big difference for my mom and her quality of health.

We appreciate you very much. I would be happy to be give any feed back you might need on your product. It is a positive and wonderful product.

R Martin

“Thin Skin is a very serious medical condition… Simple incidents like a bump or a bruise could potentially lead to an infection, an ulceration, an amputation down the road.”

Dr. Lynette Inocente talks about treating her diabetic and elderly patients with Cabot P.O.L. Cream.

Dr. Lynette Inocente

I was burned over 43% of my body and when I use your cream my skin is like silk!.  I am a burn victim and I use P.O.L. to help in healing donor sites from skin grafts. Your cream really helped so very much. I had areas of skin so tight they were like leather. Now my skin is soft and smooth. P.O.L. is a Godsend.

Linda P., Freeport, NY

Dear Cooper Labs,

I am a 65 year old woman who owns her own Real Estate business. I am also very active and play golf a great deal.

I have had chronic asthma since my freshman year of college and for 25 years was on predisone (steroids) for prevention of severe attacks. Because of the steroids, my skin got thin as paper and for the last 25 years if I even bumped into the fabric corner of our couch, my skin would just rip open, rips as much as 4 inches across. I have white scars all over my legs as a result of the many tears on my legs. I tried everything and when my Dr. suggested the bulky shin coverings that mature people in nursing homes wore, I said absolutely not.  I came across your product CABOT POL cream and my goodness, in just a week of using on my lower legs I have elasticity in my skin again. I can bump into furniture without the fear of my skin ripping. I cannot believe what your product has done for me. Just the smallest of luxuries like taking a bath without hanging a damaged leg over the side as it was healing is not longer an issue. Your CABOT POL lotion has done what no other lotion could do and I hope this true and freely offered testimony will lead other people to this wonderful product!

Kindest Personal Regards,

K Pfister

P.O.L. worked very well on a diabetic patient I have been treating.  Her skin looks better and she says her feet feel better.

Dr. T.W., Oregon

My father is an insulin-dependent diabetic.  He had some dryness of his skin due to the diabetes but he developed neuropathy after starting chemotherapy.  P.O.L. CREAM relieved his neuropathy symptoms and also made his skin look and feel better.  I have also used it for other diabetic patients with dry skin.

Dr. M.L., Santa Monica, CA

I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with P.O.L. cream!  I am 60 years old, have M.S. and have used a wheelchair(manual) in my home for the past three years.  About two weeks ago my aide said that I had a red mark on my but that, within two days morphed into an early stage 2 pressure sore!  I did a bit of research on line and came across P.O.L cream liked what I read and ordered some.  I started using it last Friday.  Twice on Fri. three times Sat. and Sun. and today, Monday, it is totally healed!  Nothing short of miraculous!
I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

J Sleight

“P.O.L., it really works”

Andy, Santa Barbara

I had ordered your special with Musk Oil and a free tube of the POL cream.

Recently I had been using the Efudex cream chemotherapy treatment on my face. It was painful and I developed a reaction to it.

I applied your POL cream daily as I needed it and it was such a blessing to have! It helped with keeping my skin moisturized and that

in turn helped keep the pain away. It was wonderful and my skin is now so smooth and soft.THANK YOU !!

A long time customer and user of Musk Oil, once again I have found a great Product through your company!

D Stulz

Recently I had been using the Efudex cream chemotherapy treatment on my face. It was painful and I developed a reaction to it. I applied your POL cream daily as I needed it and it was such a blessing to have! It helped with keeping my skin moisturized and that in turn helped keep the pain away. It was wonderful and my skin is now so smooth and soft. THANK YOU!!

Deborah S., NY

I have been using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin and skin irritation.  P.O.L. relieves pain and itching faster than any other product.  I like P.O.L. because it gives me relief when I need it.

Muriel E., Lynwood, CA

I have been using Cabot cream for many years. First, my husband had a stroke and I used this cream daily to keep his skin moisturized. It was the best I found and prevented any skin breaks.

Elizabeth L., FL

Thank you for recommending P.O.L. CREAM.  As a senior citizen I have developed very sensitive skin. It seems I break out from the least little thing.  This cream is a miracle.  I break out, but as soon as I use P.O.L. is takes away all redness and any sensitivity I might have.

Susan S., Rockland County, NY

Mother is using the P.O.L. CREAM on a skin tear on her leg twice daily and the skin has IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY!!!! Mind, betamethasone was used on the leg prior to P.O.L. BUT there was not a true improvement until I began applying the P.O.L. in lieu of the steroid cream. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. Mother has had this horranging, cellulitis-looking leg, and ANY SCRATCH, BUMP, ETC. CAN BE A DEATH SENTENCE. Not even slight exaggeration in this statement. Mother is 92 and has had 2 fem-pops on this leg and is a vascular nightmare, to a point. You may be my new best friend. The Miracle Maker.

V. G., Mineola, NY

Your cream is the most amazing cream that I have ever used.

Rita S., CA

My podiatrist recommended I use P.O.L. CREAM after I had bunion surgery and it instantly made my feet look like I had a pedicure – loved it.

S.B., CA

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for foot roughness and bedsores.  It works great.  Best I ever used.

George E., West Plains, MO

My Podiatrist recommended I use P.O.L. Cream after I had bunion surgery and it instantly made my feed look like I had a pedicure – loved it.

S.B., Irvine, CA

I have been using the Cabot Cream daily and it has helped me tremendously. Although I still get bruising from my blood thinner RX my skin has been softer and I have had a very significant reduction of bleeding from the thin skin. I hardly remember the last time I had to use a bandage or band aid since I started using the Cabot crème several years ago. I have been very pleased with this product and will continue using it.

Tom G., GA

I really have had good success with it in my older patients that are still active and ambulatory but are slowing down and beginning to have pressure changes in their skin over the sacral area. I don’t think there is anything else quite like it.

Dr. L.S., Dermatologist, CA

I am using Cabot P.O.L. CREAM for dry skin from diabetes.  I have used tons of different lotions and creams but they didn’t work.  There is no comparison to other products!  Cabot P.O.L. CREAM is the best!  I love it!

Cadice C., Tembell, TX

Patients have used P.O.L. CREAM twice a day and have noticed 50-60% improvement in the lack of built-up on keratotic tissue.  These patients express compliance of the use and ease of using the tube cream.  These patients also express 50% decrease in pain secondary to keratotic built up after using the cream.

Dr. A.K., Los Angeles, CA

We highly recommend your product to anyone who has a hypoallergenic skin.

George C., UT

P.O.L. Cream has been a lifesaver for my nine year old son. He has suffered from eczema for several years…For the last four years, we have tried at least three different prescription products (of which only one worked, but was very expensive!) and almost every over-the-counter product available. The itching has been unbearable. We applied P.O.L. Cream to the creases behind the knees and inside the elbow area in the morning and before bedtime every day. The results have been incredible! My son’s skin has improved dramatically. The places that used to have red, raised bumps are now smooth and clear. It amazes me that his skin has continued to stay clear and free from being itchy for these past several weeks…POL cream is a lifesaver!!

B.W., TX

P.O.L. was the only thing that worked to clear up his dry, cracked heels.  We have tried several products and this was the only one that worked.

Dr. W.G., Paris, TX

I no longer get the chapping and painful, bleeding finger tips. I work for the Post Office. Handlilng the mail all day dries my hands out so badly hat the tips of my fingers eventually crack and bleed. Since I have been using P.O.L. Cream my hands are smooth. This is an amazing product. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jane, Ventura, CA

It cleared up a diabetic ulcer I have been working on for months.  I also tried it on a patient with frostbite and she tolerated it better than the traditional medicine.

Dr. P.M., Eugene, OR

My husband was bedridden after a stroke.  Everything was tried – everything possible for bed sores.  He was a big man.  He had a special mattress.  He was in bed for five years after the stroke – in bed and in a wheelchair.  I purchased P.O.L. and it helped tremendously.  He died with no bed sores.  It was miraculous in what it did for my husband – it relieved the pain.

A.W., North Carolina

P.O.L. was like a miracle. I bless that girl who gave P.O.L. samples to my daughter. My husband was a bedridden stroke victim and we tried everything to prevent bed sores. Only the P.O.L. worked! It relieved his bed sores, the discomfort, and they never reoccurred. P.O.L. helped tremendously.

Ada W., Greensboro, NC

“Those of us who know about P.O.L. use it routinely. It just works.”

Denise, RN, talks about protecting skin at risk with P.O.L CREAM.

Denise, RN

My mother suffered from diabetes for more than 30 years. The skin on her legs was like tree bark, itchy and dry, very uncomfortable for her. We consulted many doctors looking for some relief and were always told that this is a symptom of diabetes, that her circulation was bad, and about the only treatment is compression stockings, steroid salve, and perhaps Vaseline® right after a bath while the skin was still wet, and then wrapping in gauze. We tried all of these treatments and nothing really seemed to help. We were introduced to P.O.L. and my mother started using it religiously. The skin on her legs not only healed, it was soft and itch-free within a few weeks. Her skin had not looked like this for years. My mother had beautiful legs and she was very proud of them and loved to show them off, and at 86 years old her legs were beautiful again. I only wish we knew about P.O.L. sooner so mom wouldn’t have had to suffer for years with the terrible itching and dryness and distress that it caused. Thank you, P.O.L. I hope the word gets out so everyone can find relief like my mom did. I tell everyone I know.

I.G., Lakewood, CO

P.O.L. makes a huge difference in stopping skin breakdown.

Diana, RN, Santa Ynez, CA

Thank you for providing people with such a great product.

Doris V., CA

Amazon Customer Reviews

I love this cream for my face and hands. It is healing and moisturizing and makes my skin look plump and youthful. I just gave some to my 84 year old mother and she thinks that it helps keep her skin supple and smooth.

DogMom, January 5, 2017

Repeat purchase. This stuff really works. Highly recommend for anyone with excessively dry or thin skin on their hands or forearms. Has strengthened and moisturized the skin preventing cuts developing from minor scrapes. Will continue to use.

rainbeaux, February 2, 2017

I was very skeptical that this cream would perform as described. Because of a genetic medical condition, I have very fragile, sensitive, itchy skin. The effects were very subtle at first but after using an entire tube, I saw a noticeable improvement in the skin on my arms where I was using this. The texture improved, the resilience of the skin improved, and all rashes resolved. It is pricey, but I just use it and problem areas and so it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

LdyStarfyr, April 16, 2017

This cream is the best for thin skin that easily bruises. I love it and will never be without it.

Verified Amazon Customer, May 9, 2017

Great moisturizer: no perfumes. Does exactly what it says it will, protects skin, treats dryness.

thomasina, February 27, 2017

This product really works. It was recommended by my podiatrist for my very dry feet. This is my second purchase.

Verified Amazon Customer, April 2, 2017

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