P.O.L.® CREAM Testimonials

P.O.L. CREAM – Dr. Lynette Inocente

Phospholipid replacement is an essential element in rebuilding and strengthening of skin. P.O.L. CREAM contain the lipids human skin needs to renew itself. These lipids are utilized by the body to rebuild the skin’s barrier function. Protect and renew the skin’s protective barrier function.

Andy Granatelli

“I found a product that really works; P.O.L. It works for bed sores, at least it did for me.”

Nancy, Registered Nurse on P.O.L. CREAM

“We’re very happy with P.O.L. We are recommending it to all our patients.”
Nancy talks about treating burning and itching with P.O.L. CREAM.

P.O.L. CREAM for treating itching and burning skin

Ted talks about treating burning and itching around his calves and ankles with P.O.L. CREAM.

Eczema relief with P.O.L. CREAM

Ken talks about his wife’s eczema and the relief P.O.L. CREAM offers from the symptoms.

Bill talks about P.O.L.

William, RN, talks about treating skin at risk with P.O.L. CREAM.

“I’ve been around all of it, all the creams and all the lotions that are prescription and non-prescription, and I think the P.O.L. has worked the quickest of any I’ve seen.”

Marcella’s Testimonial

Marcella, a registered nurse, recommends P.O.L. CREAM for her patients.

P.O.L. CREAM for Dry Skin, Contact Dermatitis and Post Radiation

Listen to these real life stories about P.O.L. CREAM. This product has super moisturizing capabilities, is wonderful for contact dermatitis and very effective for soothing the skin after radiation treatments.

Podiatrist recommends P.O.L. CREAM for Cracked Heels

Chronic cracking in the heels can be a portal for infection. P.O.L. CREAM works beautifully with thickened heels . . . it will soften them right up. I found P.O.L. to be the best product to protect their skin

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