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Nurses Recommend
P.O.L. Phospholipids CREAM

Nurses were among the first health care professionals to discover how effective P.O.L. CREAM is and from there, the support from the nursing community has grown stronger and stronger. Dermatologists, podiatrists, gerontologists, and other medical professionals are also strong advocates of P.O.L. CREAM.

Nurses know that P.O.L. CREAM is non-medicated and contains no steroids, so patients can use it as often as needed. P.O.L. is formulated with a complex of phospholipids, glycolipids and ceramides — powerful antioxidants and protective moisturizers. This proprietary formula protects, moisturizes and promotes healthy skin.

P.O.L. CREAM is also available online and may be available OTC, without a prescription, at an independent pharmacy near you.

Recent studies suggest that regular/daily use of P.O.L Phospholipids CREAM, which incorporates Cooplerlabs’ proprietary, patent-pending complex of phospholipids, glycolipids, and ceramides, rebuilds skin tissue and may prevent or even reverse many problems associated with thin, dry, aging skin.

“Thin Skin is a very serious medical condition… Simple incidents like a bump or a bruise could potentially lead to an infection, an ulceration, an amputation down the road.”

Dr. Lynette Inocente talks about treating her diabetic and elderly patients with Cabot P.O.L. Cream.

Dr. Lynette Inocente

“Those of us who know about P.O.L. use it routinely. It just works.”

Denise, RN, talks about protecting skin at risk with P.O.L CREAM.

Denise, RN

Patients have used P.O.L. CREAM twice a day and have noticed 50-60% improvement in the lack of built-up on keratotic tissue.  These patients express compliance of the use and ease of using the tube cream.  These patients also express 50% decrease in pain secondary to keratotic built up after using the cream.

Dr. A.K., Los Angeles, CA

I really have had good success with it in my older patients that are still active and ambulatory but are slowing down and beginning to have pressure changes in their skin over the sacral area. I don’t think there is anything else quite like it.

Dr. L.S., Dermatologist, CA

It cleared up a diabetic ulcer I have been working on for months.  I also tried it on a patient with frostbite and she tolerated it better than the traditional medicine.

Dr. P.M., Eugene, OR

P.O.L. was the only thing that worked to clear up his dry, cracked heels.  We have tried several products and this was the only one that worked.

Dr. W.G., Paris, TX

My father is an insulin-dependent diabetic.  He had some dryness of his skin due to the diabetes but he developed neuropathy after starting chemotherapy.  P.O.L. CREAM relieved his neuropathy symptoms and also made his skin look and feel better.  I have also used it for other diabetic patients with dry skin.

Dr. M.L., Santa Monica, CA

P.O.L. worked very well on a diabetic patient I have been treating.  Her skin looks better and she says her feet feel better.

Dr. T.W., Oregon