“P.O.L., it really works”
Andy, Santa Barbara

“I highly recommend P.O.L. to all my clients.”
Marcella, RN

CABOT CREAMS Heal and Prevent Dry Skin

Q: What causes dry brittle scaly skin?   A: Lipid Depletion

Exposure to the environment and the natural aging process of the skin alone lead to Dry Skin (the loss of oil and water from the epidermis); the depletion of the skin’s fatty acids (“lipids”); and the diminution of the skin’s protective epidermal moisture barrier which keeps moisture in and toxins out.  There may be other causes as well: certain serious medical conditions like diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, certain medications like steroids and the use of harsh cleansers.

Daily use of a lipid replenishment cream for dry skin like CABOT P.O.L. CREAM a proprietary formula of natural lipids renews the skin’s protective epidermal moisture barrier, thickens the skin, improves its flexibility, moisturizes and softens the skin leaving skin healthier and younger looking.

” Skin doesn’t have to look old or feel old!”

~ American Academy of Dermatology